Windows 10 is a piece of shit

What a bloated, slow garbage joke of an operating system. Absolutely terrible for doing anything other than playing videogames.

Visual Studio 2019 takes an eternity to load. Powershell is verbose, slow and horrible. Windows Terminal is useless. WSL is a slow pile of shit that is essentially useless apart from basic Bash functionality. NTFS is still a joke filesystem. The Start Menu search is meaningless and filled with that waste of space spam engine called Bing. Dark mode is shit. DotNET CLR cold start times keep getting worse. The new control panel sucks. Hyper-V keeps fucking up Virtualbox. UWP is an abomination. Win32 stuff that just works, the latest being snippingtool, is slowly being killed off in favor of more bloated “MODERN” garbageware. Not a day goes by without one of their shitty updates fucking something up. How the fuck do they not get investigated for anti-trust with the borderline shit they pull with Edge?


I'm stupid and I try to learn new stuff. I also rant about things I don't like.