1. Torvalds.

That’s it.

Linux is a great kernel. I just don’t like it’s face. He comes across as an arrogant egomaniac to me. I’ve always wanted to actively contribute to the Linux world, but this feeling just keeps stopping me from the inside. I don’t want my effort, however small it might be, to go towards increasing this guy’s stature by making his OS better. That sounds extremely petty, but that’s just the way I am.

What I do like about Linux, is the FOSS community that congregates around it. I really wish Linux was named and controlled by an organisation like Apache, FSF or OSI, rather than one man.

I guess I should look towards contributing to FreeBSD or something.

What a bloated, slow garbage joke of an operating system. Absolutely terrible for doing anything other than playing videogames.

Visual Studio 2019 takes an eternity to load. Powershell is verbose, slow and horrible. Windows Terminal is useless. WSL is a slow pile of shit that is essentially useless apart from…


I'm stupid and I try to learn new stuff. I also rant about things I don't like.

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